Nano 4 – Catching up.


New High Score!

I did this one on purpose.

Catching up with things requires us to take a little step and re-evaluate things or make an adjustment to how things are situated to figure out why and how the best way to move forward occurs.

Everyone misses a day.

Everyone has real-life come to a head and explode.

People get sick, accidents happen, and something called a “plot-twist” in real-life usually sneaks in and throws a belt at the most inopportune time.

Missing a day or two isn’t going to destroy your book. It isn’t time to throw in the towel.

Not yet.

Here’s some solid time management tricks to help get you (and me) back on track:

Take the 45/15 rule and put it into play: for every 45 minutes of solid writing, take 15 minutes and go outside for a walk, eat a Snickers bar, or even switch laundry over. At the next hour marker, start writing again for 45 minutes. Rinse and repeat.

Write your scenes out-of-order. Is the ending the part that’s really throwing you for a loop? Write a “placeholder” ending – one that’s sitting there to bookend the end of your story, but you know you will go back and change. You can do this with any scene you feel may be troublesome later. And if you use Scrivener, simply move the index card to the proper chapter folder when you have a better idea where each scene fits.

Remember that this isn’t professional writing. No one is going to pay you anything when this is done. Hell, even 50,000 isn’t even a full-sized novel. It’s more like the Halloween candy of novels. It’s a start. A place to branch from. Nora Robert’s once said: “You can’t edit a blank page.” and she’s absolutely correct. 50,000 words is a brilliant start of the first draft, but you’ll need to keep going afterwards on a re-write, then an edit, then another re-write – so this is just the start.

Keep writing. We’ve only just begun.mp3


One thought on “Nano 4 – Catching up.

  1. makes good sense the way you put it. I love the way Nora Roberts but it to our noses can’t edit a blank page. LOL now is that not the truth! very good food for thought. so I better go write something. smile

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