Nano 2 – Better, but still not up to snuff.

Oh crap. This is harder than it looks.

Oh crap. This is harder than it looks.

Where did that stupid phrase come from, anyway? “Up to snuff.” Isn’t snuff ground up tobacco one snorts? Anything is better than snuff.

Anyway, Day 2 has gone a bit better, even with the air let out of my sails. I kept going on the subsequent scene and focused on homework (which I need to finish) and killed a handful of people to cause drama in the story. I also listened to one of the latest Writing Excuses podcasts where they said something along the lines of “Most mystery or thriller stories start by having a dead body on stage within the first chapter.” Well, I have four bodies in the first two scenes.

The sad part is that this wasn’t supposed to be violent. Eh, I’ll fix it in post if all else fails. Not too worried.

So how are you guys doing? Any improvement?

Today’s idea is “Never give up, never surrender.” Basically, just keep writing.

Like I said, I’m not super thrilled with this so far, it’s not grabbing me or begging me to write it, or even having the characters talk to me at all. They’re surprisingly quiet.

So I’m going to keep putting words in their mouthes until they begin talking or doing something and see if that helps the motivation start spewing forward.

Let me know how things go with you!


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