Nano 1 – Things didn’t go as planned…/sigh

You believe this?

You believe this?

The first day of nano is almost to a close, and I am in a serious disagreement with how the first scene of my story began.

It’s the first scene, and I’m just not feeling it.

I know what I should do, which is keep writing through it and see what else comes up, and fix it later, but because of the weak start, I just don’t care now.

I’m more interested in leveling characters in year-old games than I am doing anything else.

Maybe it’s because I started this story with an outline more detailed than normal and actually stuck to the outline, which felt more like re-writing or expanding the story than being creative and designing new ideas on the fly. I’m not sure, but the story feel I wanted and what came out so far is not even close.

But, I’m not going to re-write it. I’m going to keep going.

It’s strange that no matter how detailed and outlined something is designed, it still doesn’t feel right.

Oh well. Time to shake off the crunchies and keep moving forward, right?


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