Nanowrimo Daily Encouragement.

Just a little quick question/poll/show of hands:

Last year I did a thing for NaNoWriMo where I posted a bit of encouragement for each day of the contest to help those participating with trying to get through their first draft.

Is that something you folks would like to see again this year? I know it’s still a few months off, but I could begin planning ahead for the trek early.

Okay. I don’t know if I’ve done a poll on WordPress before, but if this fails, forgive me. Or not, I’m not your daddy.

This will run for a week and then we’ll see what happens. Good luck! I hope you win! Oh, it’s not that type of poll.



2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Daily Encouragement.

  1. I’m thoroughly disappointed that I wasn’t able to contribute multiple answers to your poll. I was really leaning toward WHO ARE YOU and I’m Batman, but could only choose one. Therefore, my answer is YES and also I’m BATMAN!

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