Weekend Update. (In a LOONG while.)

It has been a little while since I’ve posted anything worth reading on here, and for that I apologize.fsjFL

I could give the standard barrage of excuses: work, college, family, cancer, the flooding in Detroit, pain, time, migraines, cat pictures, or any other numerous reasons.

I’m not fond of excuses. I find them tacky. Granted, they are all true, however these are all great speaking points or even better writing prompts, but I stick to my original statement: excuses are something I find offensive and vulgar. They shouldn’t happen, however, they often do.

Instead of some strange philosophical debate on owning up to imaginary promises, I tend to rectify this by simply writing more.

I’m also going to deactivate this account from my Facebook page. Because for multiple reasons: one including the cross advertisement from Twitter, but another being that many people on Facebook simply don’t care what happens outside of Facebook. There is no reason to annoy everyone multiple times with a simple update. (Pro-tip: Follow @tallant_chris on twitter for updates and more funny nonsense.)

I have also taken to the art of practicing poetry, and I employ the denizens of the internet to barrage the poems with the fiercest comments imaginable. I’m terrible at poetry, and the only way to improve, is by practice. Perhaps this way I can learn more by having some people who either hate poetry comment on how benign the work is in its current state, or maligned comments on the state of my sexual orientation and have nothing to do with words whatsoever. Either way is fine by me.

So, sit back, and enjoy weird crap birthing into the world again. Wait, that sounds like a poop joke.



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