New story idea.

I’m working on a new story for an anthology and the guidelines given are “sexy and violent.” The sad thing is these are two areas I’m not prolific when it comes to writing. I can do one or the other, just both both.

After reading what others suggested during an online brainstorming session, the other thing that stuck out among the rest was humor.

Now funny I can deliver in spades, except I’m not sure how to make funny-sexy or funny-violent since I’m not entirely sure how the three paths cross.

After looking through tvtropes for an eternity, I came across some excellent ideas for future stories, however none of them excelled in any of the three main topics. When I hear sexy, violent, and funny, the first thing that pops in my head is the tv show Archer, but I don’t feel like ripping off an existing IP for any reason, I’d rather this come from the ideas I can work with. So I may stick to my own normal wheelhouse and work the sexy, violent, funny (SFV) trope into something I’m used to working within:
-urban fantasy,
-science fiction,

And go from there.. I still have some older ideas I could probably work with, however every free writing session I’ve started so far ended up either too dark for sexy, or too sexy for anything else.

Balance is difficult when the brain has no roadmap to work with. I may need to plot this out a bit more than other projects.



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