New Years Resolutions

funny-pictures-auto-432673I’m not one for making resolutions because I feel they’re usually unobtainable. Instead of making ridiculous goals that are impossible to hit, I decided to make twelve different resolutions: one for each month.

January: Lose 1 pound by playing video games – somehow. It doesn’t matter if I put it back on later in the month, just try to lose a single pound.

February: Watch every Doctor Who episode in order with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith, back to back over a weekend. Invite friends who haven’t seen them all in order over for the marathon.

March: Sleep in one day a week. Like, actually sleep in past 9am. May need to invest in Jack Daniels and Bullett for this to happen.

April: Do NaNoWriMo in April. November is terrible for writing a novel. April doesn’t have a much going on. Of course, now that I write this, it will be hectic.

May: Lose 50 pounds. Lose 50 pounds in a Great Britain casino. Side note: requires passport.

June: Have a picnic at a beach without the weather causing problems.

July: Have 75% of Christmas shopping finished.

August: Have 75% of everyone’s birthday gift’s bought.

September: Write a best-selling children’s book series. Just write. If people like it; bonus.

October: Dress up with the kids for Halloween instead of just standing there on the sidewalk like a parole officer. Or at least dress up as a police officer and make the twins be Jake and Elwood Blues.

November: Visit family in Tennessee instead of trying to get them to come up the frozen north.

December: Don’t stress out about Christmas and presents, actually enjoy time off.

So, these are attainable goals. The ones that are a bit too out of reach I changed. What do you think? Maybe write your own and see how they go throughout the year!



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