First off, to everyone new here, welcome to my brain! It’s cold and strange place, where unicorns and honey bears skinny dip in the whiskey ponds in the valley. The trees bear Cadbury Chocolate bars and strawberry ice cream and sleep doesn’t exist.

I’m also sleep deprived and need to finish a homework assignment soon, so I’ll keep this short.

I did want to say to all the new people that I enjoy reading all the different varieties of things everyone does, and I’m surprised at the amount of travel out there and the amazing pictures and wonderful places you guys and gals visit. One day, I’ll escape this frozen tundra of rusted Buick’s and Pinto Station-wagons and visit someplace other than Michigan, but until that day comes, I’ll have to do it vicariously.

So thank you all for visiting, and please keep posting updates and amazing posts about awesome stuff! Such as the survivalist guy and the new guy that likes to take apart old phones, both are fascinating!

Keep it up!



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