The Self-Destructive Mind

I don’t hate anyone at all. I don’t care what gender, religion, race, weight, sexual preference, alliance vs horde, cat or dog… Any of it. It doesn’t make sense to me. As long as someone is honest and smiles once in awhile, I’m good.

People today focus too much on complaining about the differences between us when on the contrary, the alternative is boring. Imagine if everyone was the same? First off, the gay thing would go away since there could only be one gender. And since there was only one race, people would start picking on the size of others.. So screw it.

Enjoy the differences. You’re a left-handed gay ginger? You rock! Not sure how you write left handed, but that’s my morbid curiosity more than anything else.. I can’t even hold a fork left handed.

I take it back, I do hate stupid people. Not like stupid because they can’t learn better, but stupid because they won’t learn better. Those people annoy the hell out of me.

Oh yeah, the point?
Not sure if everyone has a brain like me, but have you ever sat and thought for awhile and it seemed like the more you thought about a specific topic, the worse your imagination and mind made the subject?

For example: before I go to work in the morning, I jump in the shower. While showering, I think to myself, maybe someone cut the brake lines in my van and I’ll careen down I-75 into a pile of stopped cars, creating a massive accident, killing myself in the process, making hundreds of people late, thousands of dollars in car repairs, and my family will have to eat ramen for the rest of their lives?

Why does the brain do that?

I think it has something to do with it wanting to tell stories, just for the life of me, not sure how. Because that story sucks. I drive past similar stories weekly and I don’t want to read those stories.

Maybe I should start writing down these degenerative nonsense things my disfunctional brain makes up to get the lame stuff out of the way for the better stories. Maybe that’s the problem.

Yeah, I can tell myself that. My brain is full of “News at 11” stories and needs buffer room for better fiction.

Or I should read better fiction and stop watching the crappy Detroit local news.



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