What Makes an Anti-Hero?


Thanks to an addicting thread on reddit this evening, I found myself rethinking what exactly an anti-hero actually is.

For the longest time I assumed the anti hero was simply another name for a villain. Anti: opposite, right? Later on, as I read more stories and my literature grew, I saw the differences between a standard hero and the proverbial anti hero. It makes sense that the horizons broaden as the understanding grow.

A user on the forums said it best: Han Solo. He’s an anti hero because every action he performed was out of selfishness. Even when he helped others, those were HIS friends…

Left me speechless. I never even thought about Han that way before.

Another great example is the comic book character Deadpool. He is by his own nature, very selfish, very crass, and very much a rouge-asshole. His character falls into this anti hero category easily.

I signed into reddit to make a comment about Dr House, since throughout the tv series his actions were all selfish and personally motivated, but I wanted to write this post first and see what you fine folks thought as well.

I also plan on checking out tvtropes to see what thoughts they have on the matter, however that site is evil. One can lose days on the site simply reading about amazing information.

Let me know what you think, as always, keep inking.


P.s. A few people have contacted me asking if I minded they writing for my site. As in guest blogging-type stuff. I don’t mind at all, and since I’m a fan of their work, I hope you guys will enjoy their writing as well! (A little insider information…shhh)


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