Nano TwentyNine – Again!

As more and more brilliant first drafts enter the annulus of the mighty nanowrimo archives, more than one thing escapes my fleeting fingers in response as I type in the obligatory “Congrats!” to my fellow friends finishing the challenge.

And that is: “Again!”

A writer never stops, never sleeps, never finishes. Even on holiday or the day off I suggested to take off, how many of you cheeky bastards snuck in a few extra words or thought up a nice new twist? Maybe inspiration struck for a new plot or a different story?

Welcome to being a writer. Again!

The key to the author universe is writing every day, dreaming of worlds and telling the untold stories and trials of those unheard characters no one else heard before.

You are a storyteller now, even if you are still working in your 50,000 words and didn’t quite make the nano deadline…

Or like me, you need to make up 25,000 words tomorrow…

Where I say: “I’m a writer, challenge accepted!”



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