Nano TwentyEight – Holiday

In America, Thursday is/was the holiday of Thanksgiving, a reason for us Americans to overindulge on food and complain about family while “thanking them” for putting up with our selfish faults the rest of the year.

I’ve racked my brain for the past few days trying to deduce this cheesy made-up holiday into a writing prompt, and can’t come up with a good one.

So, just take the day off. Read some great literature, play some great video games (runner has it there’s a sale going on at Steam right now…shhh) and watch Doctor Who or Sherlock, or sit through another showing of Nightmare before Christmas (4 times today…)

Even if you are behind on word count, give your mind and brain a rest, enjoy a day to yourself.

Even if you wish to stand in line at stores for some strange reason to save $20 on a television, give yourself the ability to not feel guilty for doing so. Trust me, you have to give yourself a day off. And, you can’t beat yourself up either.

Take a day, a single day, and do whatever you want. Write later.

You earned it, and you can catch up over the weekend, if you wish.



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