Nano TwentySix – Never Give Up

h6DDA5DA2Despite how many words you have at this point in the game, since that’s all this is after all, I’m here to tell you to keep going.

If you’ve kept up with the 1667 words a day, or wrote your poor heart out and finished your novel already, or even skipped a few days like me and need to write thousands more to meet the 50,000 words by the end of the month – keep going.

No one is going to berate you for writing a novel on December 10th.

No one is going to call you names, or say you failed, or say you didn’t win something, when you finish your first draft next year. 

You wrote an entire BOOK, despite when you finish the first draft – it’s still a completed book.

That’s an accomplishment less than 1% of the entire human population can afford to say and prove.

Well done, even if you aren’t there yet.

Write those 250 words a day. Write those 10 words a day. Write those 2,000 words a day.

Just keep writing.

Never give up. Never surrender.

And when you’re done, guess what? Write more. Start another book.

If you’re like me, and since you’re reading this, I bet we have more in common than we possibly know, you already have more ideas floating around in your imagination than you care to admit. You probably have a small notepad file chocked full of deviant little snippets of awesome that may or may not work for short stories, poetry, screen plays, musicals, or more novels you kept along the journey. We all do. That’s how we work.

Write them all. Don’t let anyone tell you no or stop you from doing what you love. Those are the stories your brain wants to tell the world. Those are the words YOU want to tell the world and didn’t know you could until now.

Go tell the world.

Preach the gospel of your mind.

Never stop being a storyteller. Never stop learning the art of writing and making great art.

Now you can say you are an author. Why? Because you didn’t give up, because you trudged through the muddy banks of a frozen November in 2013 and came out with a tattered first draft manuscript sometime afterwards clutched in your fists and dammit – it feels good.

No one can take that feeling from you.

That’s the feeling you want again.

This is why you write. This is why you will make more art.

This is why you’re here. Welcome to your imagination. Have a seat, grab a drink, you are among friends.

/cheers. Well done. Even if you aren’t done yet, you will be, because you didn’t give up.



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