Nano TwentyFour – Learning

If I’ve learned anything, if that we never stop learning. No matter what the task before us, learning something new or educational is a welcome experience.

Writing is no exception.

The easiest and cheapest way to learn more about writing is by reading. Books on how to write, grammar, proper sentence structure and storytelling elements are all great foundational points. Steven King’s own “On Writing” is heralded as one of the most inspirational writing memoirs about writing on shelves today. I’ve found inspiration reading books on writing tips by Terry Brooks and Strunk and White also, anything about the art itself.

If reading isn’t your style, video games such as Grammar Pop for the iOS devices works wonders for all ages. Highly recommended and a great game to play at any time of day. For Android and other operating systems, there are a handful of free applications for word matching and vocabulary boosters…both help over time.

Movies are another way to inspire and help, although the formula is different, so make a point to not write a novel too close to a screenplay, unless of course you plan on writing a screenplay.

Last, but not least, podcasts are my daily reminded of how and what I should be doing in the writing universe. Mur Laffterty’s “I Should Be Writing”, “Functional Nerds”, “Grammar Girl”, “Writing Excuses”, “The Creative Penn”, “Roundtable Podcast”, and “Litopia” are a few of my favorite…

What are some things you use to inspire and learn on a daily basis? Sound off in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Nano TwentyFour – Learning

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