Nano TwentyTwo – Exaltation

hx41oPeople tend to stop doing creative things because life steps in the way and the logical brain looks for a reason. The logic says “You need inspiration to create.”

That is false.

Inspiration sometimes helps create ideas, but it in no way builds creativity.

I’ll tell you what does in a second. But first, a small ADD side note:

Some people blame writer’s block on a similar psychological condition. Running out of ideas, building yourself into a corner, or not being creative enough to make art – simply do not exist.

I’ll say that again – your brain will never run out of ideas, you will never stop being creative, and the next time you find yourself in a corner: BLOW UP THE BUILDING AND WALK OUT.

You use exaltation and creativity by, drum roll please, being creative. Making art. Designing ideas. Building worlds and talking about characters and their stories – only you can do this.

Think about it. If you’re doing nano this year, when did the ideas come to you? When you’re in the shower? Some may have. But those are usually the ones helping get out of difficult plot points or figuring out schematics and semantics of the arc itself. Most of the ideas any creative person comes up with is while they are working on art. There isn’t a single creative person I know who hasn’t said the following:

“You know something? I was writing X, but then the idea for Y popped in my head, and it was too rich and vivid to put aside, so I took a notepad or a blank document and jotted some notes down on the topic. Now, it’s the next project I’m working on.”

Case in point: I started Nano with an outline and idea for my story. As I wrote, ideas came in which excited me more than the original story I started working on. Book two started. Book two spawned book three and four. Now, I have five separate projects in the time-span of 3 weeks – all because I sat down and wrote words.

This happens to all of us, regardless of the medium we work with: words, pastels, websites, guitars, or anything else using imagination and creativity to build and design dreams. Ideas spawn from imagination while it’s in use.

Again: Ideas spring forth when we use our imagination.

So use it. Frequently. And write anything that pops into your head. Who knows, if all else fails, maybe your subconscious wants you to write another story after nano. Do it.



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