Nano Twentythree – Conflicts; Yours and Theirs

Everyone deals with different issues as the day progresses. Some are simple: a cup of juice spilled on the clean floor, while others are more complex.


For example: today my brain is in the mood too tell me how useless, worthless, and pointless I am and everything I do is stupid. I know what's going on, since this isn't the first time I've had to deal with a depressed brain, or a mind beaten with stress. It needs a break. Too much going on takes its toll over time.


Everyone and everything needs a break now and then, even your characters playing the roles in the the story. Give them a day off to go fishing or sightseeing in their new world.


Better yet, give yourself a break and prevent your brain from self-destructing also.


Today I wanted to talk about conflict, not only the main conflict of the story, but minor conflicts along the way. For instance, put little traps that not only annoy the characters, but push them to their limits and make them lose their mind.


“She drove to the store.”

Is boring.

“She tried to drive to the store, however there was an accident at the end of the street. Turning around, she found the opposite way blocked by construction and emergency vehicles coming toward the accident. After screaming at the dashboard, she took the alley, the very alley she swore she would never travel down again after that one night, and made it to the Main Street, only to find out Main Market closes early on Sundays.”


Better. See the difference? What's more exciting to read? By giving and explaining small conflicts, we give the characters reasons and explanation to show their true feelings, and possibly expose some backstory not given before, such as whatever happened in that alley.


I don't want you to go back now, since you should be near the end of the third act, or starting the third act of the book, this is the portion that needs the most conflict to keep the readers attention and draw out the main point of the story in these first places…have fun with it. It's still first draft.


Also, I'm trying a new blogging app called “Blogsy.” So far, it's quite annoying. I much prefer the main wordpress website.


Keep writing, and if you need help or feel like chatting about anything, I'm always here, even if my brain is trying to self-destruct.




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