Nano Sixteen – Target Audience

I’m writing this post on my phone, so I’ll do my best to insert a funny picture, however the mobile wordpress app is wonky when it comes to editing and inserting happiness. I also pre-apologize for any stupid misspellings.

Today’s post comes from a question through email: “Who should I write my novel for?”

My first thought is simple: you. You are the first and number one fan of your own work. The reason you write these stories in the first place is because you wish to tell them. Tell the stories you wish to read.

After thinking about the question a bit further, however, I came to a second realization: most creative people have a muse or a “perfect fan” in their head all the time anyway. This muse doesn’t have to exist in the real earthly world; they may live in Hogwarts, or Middle Earth, or even Pixar universe…whatever your muse chooses for a home. Inspiration comes in random bursts of data, like the peak of an orgasm, or the giddy wonderment of opening up a birthday present, and these moments fill our minds with speculative wonder.

Take these moments, these small snippets of excitement and pure joy, and that’s who we write these stories for in the long run. Everything else is getting to that point.

Think about the happiest moments in life, and your muse will show you who and why the story matters and why you not only have a target audience, but why you must finish the work of art in your hands.




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