Nano Thirteen – Stuck (Writer’s Block)

funny-graphs-creative-writingStaring at the screen, the blank page staring back, mind empty except for doubt and the past two weeks of story running through your head…

What to do, what to do about the text plague called “writer’s block?”

There is not easy way to do it, but you know what to do.

/passes Glock.

go ahead. Kill one of them. Random. Doesn’t matter. Grab a sword, a gun, a fireball/ice bolt/arcane blast and KILL. A. CHARACTER.

Sometimes, a vicious shock to the story is all it takes to spark imagination back into high gear. Putting jumper-cables on the tender nipples of the book makes it go faster, but what does it do to the overall arc? Who knows? The issue here involves writing walls around the story. And no one does this on purpose, it’s what happens when one writes.

For example, I’m writing Kitt Katt, a bi-polar PTSD who thinks he’s a cat. He’s limited on his view of the world to begin with, however, what happens when I introduce his long-lost sister? Half of his brain opens up, the other half shuts down, creating a strange dichotomy that binds writing down to snails humping in winter. I can write the scenes with him and his sister and make them exciting, but him by himself and his depressed mood – not a word. Who wants to read about a depressed cat?

Time to bring in a ninja-pig with medication who kicks his ass and forces him to face his fears. By chasing him down the street with a Buick.

And the answer is “Yes, I do literally just make all this as I sit here.”

If you feel stuck, you may have writer’s block, stare at a blank page for more than 20 minutes, and ask yourself one simple question: “What’s the absolute WORST THING that could happen RIGHT NOW?” And then, make it WORSE. Now, go write it down and make it happen.

Writer’s block gone.




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