Nano Ten – Logic.

funny-logic-imagination-quote-EinsteinSuppose for a moment you are me and procrastinating every step of the way and find yourself so buried and up to your neck, looking at the mountain of catching up requires an all night bender of caffeine and Swedish death metal.

Instead of pounding out 20,000 words in a day, which can happen, think of it logically:

Starting on day 1: November 1st, to reach a goal of 50,000 words you had to write 1667 words a day.

1666.66 x 30(days in the month) = 50,000 total words.

Instead of starting on day 1, let’s flip the math around. Today is the 10th, while tomorrow is the 11th, so let’s use the 11th.

50,000 / (30-11) = 50,000 / 19 = 2631.57 words a day. (I subtracted the total days of the month minus today’s date than divided.

So, don’t freak out. You still have over three weeks left to do some good solid writing. 2600 words a day is a bit tougher if you haven’t started yet, however, it’s still something you can achieve.

As always, if you need help, let me know



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