Nano Eight – Ketchup

Ketchup-Meets-HotdogIf you’re like me, life is getting in the way of everything else and trying to interrupt the creativity flowing out of your brain holes.

I’m still, oh, about 10,000 words down. I have to average 2,000 words a day or so to keep up with the target goal. So far, I’m doing homework. Technical writing is no joke. I’ve researched more about writing technically than I ever wanted to in my life.

So here’s a couple of tips for when you find yourself slowing down due to the plot or the story itself:

  • Plot Twist! – Take whatever your working on, bracket the area (so you can back to it later if needed) [LIKE SO] and kill, move, turn into the opposite sex, show a huge twist in the story that even you didn’t think of, and keep going.
  • Flashback! – Have your protagonist/antagonist have flashbacks about why they’re here or what their main goals are. Perhaps a slight bit of exposition to help cement the foundation of why the reader should care. If you are on pace, this is roughly the turning point of act 1, or the switch between the introduction of all the characters and plot elements and moving into the action and more plot-driven story section of the book. Flashbacks sometimes help with this transitional element.
  • Kink – Reveal one of the main characters has a dark secret. Perhaps they enjoy swinging naked from abandoned church chandeliers. Grocery shopping while wearing women’s stockings under their suit pants. Riding horses bareback make their toes curl… imagination takes full control here.
  • Introduce something forbidden – A treasure, a favorite food, something the antagonist desires more than their goal, a secret affairs between the good and bad guys, similar to kink – the sky’s the limit with this one.

The point is to introduce drama and thicken the plot for future building of character. By this time, the world is in place and solid, the characters may need some help.

As always, hit me up with any questions and concerns!

  • -With that, if I have said anything to offend anyone, please take this as a public apology. I meant nothing by anything I write here as targeting people. When I speak “we,” I mean either the royal we, or myself. Never do I intend to placate anyone.



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