Nano Seven – RESTART MODE.

broken-computerToday is day seven in the mighty slough up the damp hill toward the summit of 50,000 words. Other than this blog and work, I’ve only written a handful of words.

For those keeping count, by the end of today you should have 11669 words to stay on track. If you are anywhere around that number or north of that number, great job and keep going!

If you are like me and looking at 11669 in trepidation at the minuscule word count scrawled number on a post-it note under your palm – I think it’s time for some inspiration.

This is more for me, since I tend to over think everything and my maggot brain turns things into sudden panic attacks which makes things worse and nothing gets finished, so here’s my list of HOW TO RESTART NANO:

  1. Get off the internet. Yes, your writing group on Facebook and Google Plus are great, the inspiration and motivation are amazing tools, and you’ve made wonderful friends, however, for the next three days we need to shut the hell up and focus on writing during every free moment. Turn off wi-fi. Stay off Reddit, imgur, email, instant messaging and put your phone in the medicine cabinet. 15 minutes during meetings? Write a paragraph. On call with a boring hold music playing in the background? Write something down. Wake up an hour earlier than usual and pound out the end of a scene or the beginning of a new one. Don’t finish it – leave it in the middle of a damn thought if you have to, which brings me to my next point:
  2. STOP TRYING FOR PERFECTION. I am not perfect. No one is, ever. If we were all perfect, this world would suck hairy anus and everyone would annoy everyone else. We’re all individual snowflakes and most broken in so many ways that duct tape couldn’t touch the damage. Use the damage to your advantage and enjoy the insanity.
  3. Stop trying. Easy, simple, direct, poignant, and for Dog’s sake just effin do it. No thinking, just write. “Dear Editor, I know we have a lovely relationship, but I need you keep your trap shut while I’m trying to get these ideas down on papyrus first. Afterwards, we’ll hang out and start the world on fire, however, for 23 or so more days – just sit in your little room and play your games.”
  4. Get sleep. I am Jack’s tired as hell conscious. Tell him to stop staying up to 3am worrying about writing when he should write instead of worry about writing.
  5. No more excuses. Procrastination comes in all shapes and sizes. Will the dishes sit in the sink for another day? What about the laundry? Yes, the dishes and laundry will both be in the sink tomorrow. Stop putting off your priorities for less important things because you don’t want to do them. Listen to me, come here, focus, focus, listen here you little shit, go sit and write and don’t stop until the brain turns off. Don’t overdose on coffee, and you’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep and a nice hot shower.

Like I said, these are for me – not anyone else. I need to force my ass in gear and stop these stupid panic attacks that I believe are happening from my brain.

Or I need to eat. I keep forgetting to do that too.




10 thoughts on “Nano Seven – RESTART MODE.

  1. Eating is important. I find that finger foods, healthy and non-healthy alike, make it easier to eat while writing.

    I’m in the same boat. A few words, and nothing else. Lots of blogging, though, almost every day. I was going to be a rebel anyway so counting those should actually be okay, but I want the bulk of my writing to be, you know, on the fiction I want to write.

    Funny fact: between blog posts and comments on various other blogs, I’ve probably made or exceeded word count every day so far. I just haven’t written any stories. 😛

      • I’m counting blog entires and words on the stories. I figure that’s fair. If I counted responses to blogs I’d be up there.

        I have a much easier time writing blog entries right now. It’s probably because I’ve been navel-gazing a bit too much lately, so I’m not really in the creative zone as much as the introspective, “let me tell you about my feelings” zone. If I can get some good straight hours of writing, though, I’m going to catch up pretty quickly.

        But…I bought the Humble Bundle today. I’m making myself refrain from playing Arkham Asylum until I’ve made word count. I think that getting to be Batman is good incentive.

      • Asylum is an amazing game, with Arkham city even better… I have heard mixed things about Origins, however I still wish to play it and see how it fairs with the different development house. Let me know what you think!

        And thanks for the advice on the blog words! I may do that if the words grow tight, however today alone, ideas are flying into my head, I’m just not finding much time to sit and put them down…

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