Nano Six: The Wall.

the-writing-on-hm-wallI hit my wall today, mostly due to stress.

I looked over my new WIP today and filled in some of the words missing from the first brain dump and counted 66 more words.

However, I filled in some character sheets on who the two main characters are, the ideas behind the main story, just from those two scenes, and started free writing the next bit that will be the “what happens next” part. In Scrivener, I can throw these parts in different areas that count towards words, however I’ve omitted them since they don’t actually count towards the story.

I know, I know, stop throwing shoes at me. I’m only hurting myself. I can add them in later if I need extra words since I did write them during nano, however I want to focus on the story, and due to the more relaxed time at the ending of the week, I can make up the lost time and pound out more words because of my schedule.

Today was hell. I did a test, programmed a …I’m not entirely sure what. A C or Assembly program that moves a dial for a last project in quantum computing, and wrote two academic papers. Right now, my brain, and frankly my chest is tight and sore. I’m going to call it an early night. If I get the ambition, I may chalk up some words before bed, however I’ll use evernote and put them in tomorrow. I have a better foundation for the story now with the (very) rough outline and better idea of how the mystery aspect within the story goes.

I’ll say that so far, this is unlike anything I’ve written to date. It’s more a psychological story, and thriller or mystery based instead of anti-everything…which my stories usually turn into over time. Especially ones I write from the seat of my pants. I’m enjoying the flow of this and the pacing is fast and hits hard…I’ll post some rough pieces as I run out of crap to talk about here if anyone want to read it.

Let me know in the comments section (I allow everything, including the spam, just so I can make smart-ass comments to automated bots) if you’d like to read some of these scenes and I’ll throw one in every few days or so.

Don’t be afraid to listen to your body when you aren’t feeling well and can only get 66 words. Switch tactics and do something else. Add the words if you like, or do what I did and use them to boost future creativity and ideas. Remember to turn the editor off.

And, if you find yourself stuck in a scene without a clue of what to do next, scream “PLOT TWIST” and do one of the following:

  • Kill a main character
  • Lose a magical device that everyone needs to save the world.
  • The virus mutated and is now airborne.
  • That person you thought was evil, is helping you.
  • Your second protagonist just stabbed your other protagonist in the back. (Literally or metaphorically.)



One thought on “Nano Six: The Wall.

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