Nano Five – Mistakes, I make them too.

Disobey-Guy-Fawkes-Anonymous-T-Shirt“Remember, remember, the fifth of November…”

The day Guy Fawkes blew up Parliament, and brought the funk to the world as we know it.

Today I decided, possibly against my better judgement, to ditch my current WIP and write something new.

WIP: Work In Progress.

I know, I know…I said I am going to rewrite Kitt Katt, and I will, however, to make it the story I want to make, it requires more than 30 days of brain dumping and a few months of tight editing. It involves better planning, detailed instruction folding and more plot development than I have the capacity for during nanowrimo. Because of this, and because I don’t want to re-visit the Kitt universe for a third time, I’m shelving it for the moment.

Again, I will write it and it will knock your paws off.

However, in good faith, I have erased my current word count and started over on a new script entitled “The Pause Button,” which I have no idea where it’s going since I literally sat down tonight at 9pm EST and started writing from a blank page in Scrivener. Two scenes and 2050 words later, I enjoy the pacing, the flow, and the ideas beating a path to the front of my imagination.

So, in second honor of “Guy Fawkes Day,” I’m disobeying all the other rules on writing as well. I’m taking my fellow Michigander Elmore Leonard’s “10 Rules of Writing” and breaking each one. Yes, it will open with a weather scene. Why? Because he said books should not. It’s what I do best – the logically illogical.

Of course, I already have the little editor telling me I suck and I should quit before I start doing any more, however, I’m ignoring the editor and taking the good feeling of a great start and moving forward with the script.

Tomorrow is the last day for a college course online, which means a metric butt-load of work is due by midnight, so I’m not sure when I can pound out some more scenes, and another class starts Thursday. However, the end of this week looks promising for catching up and writing for no other reason than to write.

Remember: The point of nanowrimo is to write every day. If you write 100 words or 10,000 words, WRITE EVERY DAY. Tell your editor to stop correcting your prose and keep going. Mur Lafferty said it best: “You’re allowed to suck.”



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