Nano Four: Depression

I’ve seen it in a handful of friends participating in NaNaWriMo, so I know it’s not just my problem this time.


Writing, and most creative endeavors, usually takes place alone. Because of this, depressive thoughts jump into the mind and hinder even the most ambitious projects.
I’ll be the first to step up and say it: Monday kicked my ass. I wrote half a scene on my phone in the bathroom at work, but that was it. Between work, everyone at home being sick, school work, a project due today, and random other crap popping up, I threw in the towel.

Pouring a screenful of words every day takes more effort than anyone wants to admit. More so in front of people you desperately want to impress.


For my sanity, I have to call a day.

If you feel yourself being pulled too thin, remember that you can make it up by dumping an extra scene on a good writing day – later. Today, go for a walk, take a nap, watch a good program on TV, go play a game, or talk with some friends. Get your head out of the game and unwind.

The best thing to know is to understand the signs of over-exertion and cut the cord before you get electrocuted.

It’s never easy to beat or compete with depressive thoughts. Don’t. Just avoid them at all costs.

It’s amazing how much friends, even in a Facebook group, help when needed.



2 thoughts on “Nano Four: Depression

  1. Writing is similar to any other job, you have to be able to take a day off though sometimes our brains won’t allow it. Stepping back is good for writing.
    Keep your chin up!

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