Nano, the Third.

Icm44kWIf you’re playing along with the home version of the game, and let’s face it, everyone wants to, by midnight tonight you should have roughly 5,000 words.

If you have more, keep going. Let the power of the good words pouring our of your imagination holes compel you in writing more.

If not, don’t fret. I have a trick to help you.

First off, if you have a smart phone, such as an iPhone or an Android, grab the stopwatch. For iPhone users, it’s under the clock app. Set your stopwatch for 10 minutes, however don’t hit go yet.

For everyone else in the world, go to and click on “Count Down” and then type in 10 minutes.

Open up your word pounder of choice. Word, Open Word, Google Happy Word, Free Word, Pay Word, it doesn’t matter. Open it up and ready yourself. This isn’t about your story for nanowrimo, this is ANYTHING.

But first, clear your mind. Pretend everything in your brain is on a chalkboard in front of your kindergarten class and it’s your job to erase it from the board. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Take your time.

You can use a chair to reach the high spots, it’s fine.

Cleaned off? Clear mind and chalkboard with nothing but chalk dust all over them? Good. Pound out the dust from the erasers.

Okay, Click on START on your stop watch and start typing in your blank document. For 10 minutes, just start typing whatever comes into your now empty mind. It doesn’t have to make sense, or even sound correct, or spelled correct, just type it out. As fast as you can.

This isn’t about word count, nothing about content. Just type.

Keep typing until your timer goes off.

At exactly ten minutes, regardless of what thought you were in the process of thinking – STOP.

Now, read it all, and listen to how brilliant your imagine is when it’s unhinged. Scary place, isn’t it?

That’s where the story is coming from. That’s the part of you wanting to speak. The subconscious mind of you wanting to scream from wherever it can to yell for any reason it’s able wishes to tell a story.

Let it. While you’re writing, let your mind wander and see where your story goes. Stop caring about word counts and find out what happens to your character when your mind takes over. Maybe it wants to tell a different story altogether.

Let it.

Just write.



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