Nano: Dia Uno

funny-quote-Ernest-Hemingway-writingDay one of Nanowrimo is at an end. If you were any part of the insanity that took place today, congratulations and welcome to the club!

Regardless of how many words you typed, how many scenes, chapters, characters… it doesn’t matter.

You are now a writer.

Type your happiness into and get some sleep. Let your dreams take you and guide your typing fingers where the story may go tomorrow. Or, if you’ve already plotted and outlined all this, drink yourself silly and watch some Doctor Who.

For me, I started off slow, with a few meetings this morning, a doctor appointment which turned into a hospital appointment to make sure I didn’t have pneumonia (I don’t, just still have bronchitis,) however I didn’t sit down to begin writing until 4pm EST. From there, my idiot maggot brain wouldn’t let me focus on the story I planned out. Instead, it wanted to think about happy trees and fluffy clouds, and why wasn’t I doing homework, and what happens if I try drafting more large creatures like Core Hounds in Hearthstone arena? (hint: I still lose…) After the first writing bout I topped off just over 400 words before one of the twins decided to scream for Toodles, the little mobile toolbox from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (ever notice that Toodles has EXACTLY what they need when they need it? Like a Deus Ex Machina story? Once, just once, I want Mickey to say, “You know what Toodles, this is all crap.”)

Anyway, twin.1 woke up, so I decided to play with him while twin.2 and wife napped, and I fixed the network (well, upgraded/improved routing tables/broadened the wireless range,) and cleaned, cooked, did everything BUT write.

Bottom line: I ended up coming back to write at 10, and saving the first scene in Scrivener with 1752 words. Personally, I wanted the first scene done on the first day – that was my goal. I can bridge the rest of the chapter from the first scene, and holyshyt is this DARK. I think I’ve killed more people in the first scene than I did in the first 10 chapters of the first book. But, it’s a faster, cleaner, and tighter feel. That was my point.

And…Welcome to the club! Here’s your invisible T-Shirt!



One thought on “Nano: Dia Uno

  1. One last thing.. I know I said “I’ve killed more people…” the funny thing is this isn’t a thriller or horror at all – it’s urban fantasy. But cheese and rice, I may have to change it depending on how the rest of the tone rolls out.

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