Nano Prep – Support

mymthos.tumblr.com_The toughest thing about doing anything creative is the solidarity. Most artistic projects require solo work and attention for a portion of the task.

This is where Nanowrimo benefits writers, and aspiring writers, the best.

The amount of people helping others, the message boards, the Google+ groups and hangouts, the Facebook groups, the twitter support – the entire writing community almost, rallies behind each other in support to their fellow pen monkey to help them complete their goal.

Just remember two things:

  1. The main goal of Nanowrimo is to write – and write every day. Reading messages, playing on Facebook or Google+ takes time away from writing your novel.
  2. Distractions are a part of life, and this helps showcase how to block out the world for an hour or two a day to put your goal in order (word count, page count, whatever your goal is,) and play with your fellow writers afterwards.

The community involved around nano is amazing and a fun, great group of people who are spectacular and imaginative to converse with – especially with writing topics. Please don’t shy away from open conversations on social media, even if you are an introvert like me.

And as always, if you need support or help, feel free to drop me a line or an email. I’m always willing to help friends out – even if we’ve never spoken before – I still want to help.

Until tomorrow!


Great group on Facebook:


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