Nano Prep – RPG Style

pokemon_excelTired of this Nano stuff yet?


Forgive the brevity of this post, there’s no fluff and I’m in pain so I’m getting to the point:

Today I’m going to help you write every day by turning writing into a game.

Did that get your attention?

Think of writing like a Role Playing Game. When you write 250 words, you gain a point. The next day you write 250 words again, you gain two points. Wait, what? How? Because you wrote for two consecutive days AT LEAST 250 words. The more words you write, the more points you gain.

The more points you gain, the higher your level. Simple RPG logic.

That’s right – the magical Mark and Tony at the “Magic Spreadsheet” (showcased at the Stonecoast Writing Workshop and the podcast “I Should Be Writing” by Mur Lafferty) will help with your Nanowrimo goals.

And best of all, it’s free.

Please use it. Instructions are on the main page of the spreadsheet and a bunch of people are already using it for their own work – and plan on using it for Nano – myself included.

Let me know how you like it and GAME ON!



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