Nano Prep – A Starting Story Foundation

rHYr3xWGood evening, humanity. Today the topic of the nano choice is building a foundation for your story.

Feel free to use this as you wish. I’ll explain the steps as I go along.

Since this the Halloween spirit, let’s come up with a lame scary trope: Zombies. If you follow me on social happiness, I’ve mentioned a few times of my dislike of the zombie and vampire sudden rise in fame. Pushing that aside, we can start with the idea behind the story with that of the typical Zombie idea.

Main Idea: A bacteria/virus outbreak in the poorest section of the city creating a zombie infestation and segregating the poor vs the rich. (Two dichotomies/one story…works for movies, right?) The problem being, the young people wish to turn into zombies because the media has glamorized zombies for so long. Adults know the difference, however children and teenagers are trying to become infected to gain the zombie bug.

The biggest thing to start in your head is to stay calm, not worry about anything other than writing and focus on thinking about plot. Any idea in your head about editing, any negative thought about your writing (the little “heckler”) ignore. Stay calm, write your ass off, and you will amaze yourself with results. Edit later.

Main characters: One zombie, viewpoint from before the infection spread, during the infection, and after some sort of resolution (if there is one…) and one non-zombie, possibly a love interest, who is not a zombie, but curious enough to get close to the zombie.

The main thing is to develop conflict. Zombie character tries to eat normal character despite the internal feelings against it, or external forces trying to cure the outbreak and the young people wanting the zombie infestation to stick around…these are just ideas I’m making up as I type this – literally, anything can and will come as one writes. I don’t even like zombies and I could start a decent idea around this.

The good thing is, using this foundation, anyone can write any type of story: love, horror, mystery, conspiracy, urban fantasy, science fiction, or make something up and see where your imagination takes it.

Tomorrow I’ll touch upon forks in the story arc and how to deal with them to bridge stuck thoughts and the best way to work with writing through “writer’s block.”



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