Nano Post – Cheerleaders

I’d like to see a billion people write 1666.66 words a day during the month of november for Nanowrimo.MW-AV480_smhome_20121019132832_MG

I really have no logical explanation why – just some strange gremlin inside me wanting to help.

So here’s my bargain:

Go sign up, it’s free. I don’t get paid or anything, so you won’t help me out for doing this. I’m trying to help you feel better about yourself.

I know what you’re thinking.

Trust me, I have a full-time job that keeps me running 40-60 hours a week, writing gigs on the side, part-time school, 4 kids, and stress that would make Proust jealous.

Once you sign up, regardless of your “I don’t think I can” excuse, because we both know you can, here’s what I’ll do:

I’ll help you.

If you need a hand figuring something out, like names for wizards, just ask.

If you want a daily cheerleader telling you how great you’re doing and how proud I am, I’ll be the father figure.

If you want a text message from me telling you to get your ass off Playstation and start writing about playing Playstation – You got it.

Whatever you’d like me to help with: story, plot, names, music, art, format, proofreading, depression, pronouns, thesaurus…I will do my damnedest to lend my hands to your cause.

All billion of you.

Simple. Just shoot me a message on twitter, Facebook, G+, or here.

/queue the “I’ll be there” song.



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