Nano Prep – Part One.

50034921_1Before I say anything about the main topic, I want to share some of the strange oddities of the comments the spam filter in WordPress picks up:

[Hidden Email] “Hi (insert name), do you face sitting in purpose? I have problem take httP:/”

Not sure what puked into the comment, or how the translator screwed up, but I sure as hell am not going to click that link.

Okay, focus…focus…

NaNoWriMo starts in 9 days. For those wanting to delve head first into the icy waters of writing prose, this is the perfect month to start writing. No one needs to understand the laws of grammar, physics, science, mathematics, proper manners, how to wipe front to back – nothing. NaNo gives everyone equal share to sit and pour their soul onto a blank digital document with nothing nagging behind them.

It’s therapeutic.

It’s free.

It’s creative.

It’s surprisingly stress-free.

And if you already write, or know how to write, it’s a chance to lock your internal editor in the deep freezer for the month of November and brain dump story arcs, plots, characters, and ideas down for no other reason than to get them out of your aching cranium.

The goal is to reach 50,000 words before the end of the month of November. Doing the math, all one needs to write is 1666.66 words a day. I try to shoot for 2000-2500 words a day for when something comes up (and something ALWAYS comes up – it’s the month of Thanksgiving, after all,) and it’s nice to have a day off now and then.

Regardless of how you write: pre-plotter (outlining and defining beforehand) or brain dumper (just sit and start typing with no outline,) my suggestion is start with two things:

  1. A character with a problem.
  2. A location with an issue.

For example, I’m reworking the first Kitt Katt novel, so I have 75% of the novel plotted already in the first draft. However, the character is an ex-marine with PTSD who believes he’s a ninja cat. The location is a near-future vision of current Detroit, where things get worse because, /looks out the window, there aren’t getting better, honey.

Until next time, keep writing.



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