Update on Kitt…

Hey everyone, I wanted to give a quick update to an old project.
I know, that sounds freaking weird, but hear me out…
The book “Kitt Katt” on Amazon is a bit of a mess. Okay, “a mess” is an understatement.” I sent it to 5 different agents before self-publishing it, which was my first mistake. However, a few of the agents offered some great feedback which made me re-think the main entity of the book.

For those of you lucky enough not to have read the feces-filled ziplock bag of a book, the story revolves around a polydactyl foul-mouthed cat with a bad case of bi-polar disorder, among many other undiagnosed mental illnesses. Upon his adventures trying to clean the near-future wasteland of Detroit, he comes across a myriad of other characters and the story just gets stranger.

One of the responses was that the main character was too unbelievable… But he’s a cat! So, the more I thought about it and spoke with my friend who designed another character in the book: Pork Chop (a ninja pig-really…) I decided to rewrite the book, making it more “real.”

In other words, I’m going against the advice everyone has ever said: don’t let anyone tell you what to write. However, in this case, I believe I can make the novel better.

I know, I know… I can’t make it worse, right? (Jinxing myself might help in this case…)

Here’s where I need help: I usually name characters from friends or family…so, anyone want to give up some names? I don’t mind who or why, just leave a comment.

I’m also going to raise the price of the book on amazon so no one else buys it, however I’m going to update that source file with the new edition so whoever did buy it will get a copy and the free update of the better version before anyone else. Sounds fair, right?

Anyway, time for some quantum computing homework and making dinner, maybe I can finish the new outline tonight and get started.



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