EA (Electronic Arts) is a company many gamers love to hate. Their blatant misuse of programmers, faulty games on release, inflated prices for add-on content, and a myriad of other complaints fills message boards daily. The site The Consumerist labeled EA as “the worst tech company in the world.”

So what happens when EA releases a handful of quality games for next to free on their failing digital distribution platform? What else? Everyone forgets the problems of SimCity and StarWars the Old Republic and flocks to the “new” platform because, hey, free games.

The humble bundle released 10 top-tier games last Thursday available through their site (humblebundle.com) allowing people to pay what they want to charities – NOT EA – and buy these games. The catch? Some came with Steam keys, however all of them came with Origin keys.

In case you didn’t know, Origin is EA’s failed attempt to make a successful digital distribution system like steam. Of course. Everyone bought the bundle because free (or next to) free games, even if the only thing I can play on my MacBook is TheSims 3, I can load Crysis, Battlefield 3, Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise, and more for under $5. The bad news is I have to load Origin in a computer.

The last time I loaded Origin was the beta for The Old Republic – when I paid $60 to preorder a game that went free to play six months later. Bastards.

My prediction last Thursday on the reddit forums was that Origin is going to try to take sales away from Stream, a comment that was quickly down voted into oblivion.

However, if you go today to reddit.com/r/gamedeals and look at the links, 1/3 of the links are for sales on Origin; something that has never happened before.


I think not.

Remember this is the same company that demanded their programmers spend 120 hours a week working without compensation, and laughed when they were sued because of a wife leaving her “workaholic” husband…

If you’ll excuse me, I think I need to uninstall origin.


Origin – Steam Killer or just smoke?

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