Zombie idea

I haven’t had much change to blog as of late due to the utter madness called life kicking me in the lower reproductive happiness repeatedly, however I thought I would take a moment a mention an idea I have for a book or short story idea.

In all honestly, it’s more of a thought rather than an outline. I hate zombies. The only thing I tolerate zombies on is the Left 4 Dead series of games from Valve. However, the horror movies, terrible books and television sitcoms, music, and pretty much all popular media embraced zombies after Twilights turned Vampires into lovable snuggle-bears.

I don’t like vampires either. I loved the trilogy of books by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck … I can’t think of his name off the top of my head, but check out “The Strain” on Amazon and I highly recommend the trilogy. The rest can go sit in a landfill for all I care.

However, for some reason, I want to write a zombie novel that hasn’t been done before and I have a few ideas floating around… Something believable, yet still tasteful. Not horror, yet terrifying…

Once I flush out the details I’ll post more, but my legs are going numb from sitting on the toilet, so I’ll end this here and hope that WordPress let’s me finally post a damn update for a change…

/fingers crossed!


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