So, A Month ago..

Honest, I have written.

A lot.

Just not here.

I can summarize if you like: Wife is having her thyroid removed at the end of the week because it might consist of cancer, school has me writing like an insane mathematician on Valium trying to solve for pi, kids are all over the place and to top it off, the mighty 300 won the battle and we traded it towards a minivan after it almost took my middle finger off while removing the window motor from the hinge after the window decided to remove itself from the anchors and dive into the door frame.  I also found out I’m allergic to gluten and have a pinched nerve.

I am also trying to come up with a video game as a final project for my advanced Visual Basic class, which I am starting to believe is impossible.  At the same time, my final project is writing a book encompassing the three argumentative essays’ written for the class – the third one I still have to finish, let alone start the book.

Needless to say, It’s been busy.

However, I made a point to myself (a damn good one that I refuse to post online here because it’s silly) to start writing on this blog every day.

If you don’t mind, I not only have a ton of work to finish, I also have an outline, a rough draft, an outline of at least the first few chapters of a book, and the design of a video game to complete in an hour and a half.

Maybe the problem is I put the time limit on my goals too close?  Naa, I wouldn’t start if I had extra time.  If there was three hours, two of those hours would consist of surfing google images for the right picture to link for this post apologizing for not posting anything for a month.

See?  I’m doing it already.



One thought on “So, A Month ago..

  1. Right now, WordPress isn’t letting me post a picture. Not sure why, however it may have something to do with Safari or a plugin I have running for security. I will try again using firefox and tomorrow’s post. /fingerscrossed

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