Getting Back In Form

As a few have noticed, I haven’t written much on here.  I haven’t written much anywhere.  Instead of rambling off a list of excuses on why I haven’t, I will apologize and start writing.

I’m sorry.
Life is getting crazy.  I’m not saying it wasn’t disturbing before, however with school, work and kids to keep me on my toes, finding time to do laundry has required a scheduling requirement of at least two days notice.
The odd thing about time is that we made it up.  It’s man-made.  No other animal recognizes time as a system for keeping track of their own obsessive-compulsive behaviors.  My cats don’t understand why I don’t feed them at 8 o’clock when I’ve always fed them at 9 and if you sit back and think about it, they shouldn’t have to use our backwards system of time.  It’s bad enough we’re forced to succumb to the time demons, let alone punish other creatures.
I’ve said many times before how I want to pause time by creating a giant pause button.  Others say they would rather go back in time.  To each their own.  In my case, I’m satisfied with my past – I believe it has made me who I am today; the good and bad decisions sculpted this fine mess of nonsense.  However, what would I do with infinite time?  What would I actually do if I could pause time?
Play video games with my kids until my thumbs blister?
Write a novel?  Create an album?  Paint the walls of my house whatever I wish?
You know I’d do all these and more.  These are all things I can do if I learn to better manage my time.  No one is stopping me but my own damn self.
Ambroce Bierce is often quoted as said: “A day is a period of 24 hours, mostly misspent.”  How true that is.
In other words, I have some ideas and plans to help motivate me to write more, more often and more substantial to train my brain back into form so I can work larger pieces of writing prose back into the equation of everyday functionality.  I’d still like to get the Fates series off the ground, however other than my daughter reading the second book, no one else has seen the rough draft…
If you’re bored let me know…

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