Fibromyalgia and Updates

I wish I could say I’ve been busy writing, but I haven’t. Well, I haven’t been writing books…just homework assignments for sociology which I find myself enjoying more and more each week.

Any who, I have two books in edit mode, which means I’m trying to ignore them enough to look at them in a different light. Some people call this practice “shelving” or “filing” the work in progress for a few weeks. I call it ignoring since that’s what it is when you look at the details. When you focus on a topic with the deliberate intensity to build a world a choose a story within that world to document, it can be trying to pull your brain out of that environment. Hell, Kitt Katt took me almost a year to forget due to the sheer magnitude of material involved with the work itself. The original first draft topped off at over 130,000 words and I chopped it down to the core story and two sub-plots, leaving the rest for other projects or side stories if I felt I wanted to use the characters either by themselves or individually.

In health news, I’ve been diagnosed with something called fibromyalgia by the rheumatologist. Now, when I’m not working or going to school or hanging out with the kids while wife goes to school, I picked up a handful of books on fibromyalgia on Kindle to understand what this is a bit more.

It makes sense why I’ve acted the way I have for 35 years and it also explains the pains…now comes the pain in the ass part of attempting to treat something which most doctors don’t understand to begin with. But, it explains the want to drink alcohol when I played music (to numb the joints in my wrists and fingers) and always carried around Tylenol, Naproxen sodium, Vicodin for the rest of the time to manage the overall ache. Fibro also explains the strange numbness I get at random times during the day also.

Right now I’m taking Tamidol, which I’ve nicknamed “damnit-all,” and a muscle relaxer called flexeril which seems to work at first, however I wake up after an hour or two numb, so I think I need a stronger dose, or so I’ve read online. Either way, this is better than the original med the dr gave me which didn’t do anything except made me feel useless and more suicidal than normal.

And yes, before you ask, I plan on writing more here…if for no other reason than to get the voices out of my head and help stretch my knuckles out. I’m still not impressed with the editor on the ipad for WordPress, however it is better than on the Samsung S2 I have.

I have a strong feeling the only touch-screen phone my gigantic hands can use with accurate results is the Samsung Note or something similar to that size. I can palm a bowling ball in one hand, and the keyboard on this ipad is a bit too small…maybe I’m just screwed and need to carry around an external Bluetooth keyboard if I feel like typing. Or, I could wait for voice recognition software to improve and speak everything instead of typing, although I think editing the dialect would suck.

Crap, Super Why is over, I got to go before the twins burn the house down…don’t tell them I typed this while they watched a 15 minute episode…




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