As we end the 2012 chapter…

messy-baby-eating-in-high-chair250aaol-lifestyle-uk111010What is in the next few pages?  If this life is a book, metaphorically speaking, and each year is a chapter; what do you want written for 2013?

Think about it: We survived the brutality of the Mayan Apocalypse, the devastating effects of Honey Boo Boo, we welcomed in our new king: Grumpy Cat and pissed all over the universe by sending Wall-E to Mars to look at some rocks with an iPhone 5.  All this happened in 2012.

No one knows for certain what’s going to happen next year, but there’s one thing that we should make a promise to ourselves and each other: once a day, smile for no reason.  It doesn’t have to mean anything or signify any laughing matter, a simple grin will suffice.

Maybe if everyone smiled like a toddler eating spaghetti, this world might make it another year.  Who knows what mental nonsense we could carry out if we tried.

Hell, we have “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel…anything is now possible.




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