Quick update…again. Jon should read this too.

Kitt Katt is live on amazon. If you search for either Kitt Katt or my name (Chris Tallant) you’ll see it there…
however, amazon made me put a price tag on it, so here’s what I did:

Smash words is still in process of publishing it for free, however, I don’t know when that magical time will be. I’ll post something as soon as I get the email that the book is live. If you get it and like the free version, feel free to buy the one on amazon.

That’s right, I’m telling you to not buy it unless you want to. Clearly marketing isn’t my strong suit.

Personally, I’d rather just put it for free on amazon, but they have rules which would make a lawyer question his sanity, so I’ll do it this way and go from there.

Oh yeah, Jon McGuire is listed as an editor…so I think you can search by him also…

Now I’m rambling. Must get sleep.



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