Ahh, Vacation.

I’m back from vacation.  I know, no one missed me, so I’ll act normal.  Well, normal for me.

Anyway, I’m getting back in the thick of things and trying to get back into the groove of writing every day.  You’ll see more crap posted here as the days go on.

If not, I give you the permission to email me and annoy me with threats and bacon.

So, how’s everyone doing?  Me?  I’m glad I’m back at work after taking some time off to spend with the kids and family and far away from the corporate life.  I also finished my first semester at college and now have a 4.0 GPA and I’m also on something called “The President’s List” which I hope is something good and not a list Barack has in his pocket like a hit list for the FBI.

Oh yeah, I’m already annoyed with all the political nonsense on television and the web.  I’m not saying I won’t mention anything about it, I would like to stay as impartial as possible and keep my mind open to any and all options.  In other words, I still want to move to Canada.

I may get a chance to write some more later, however I want to finish a short story I put on hold before vacation and re-read what I already wrote and finish it.  Not sure if I can post it here or not, since it’s sort of erotic, but we’ll see how tipsy I get.

Later peeps!



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