Spam spam spam spam spam spam

I love spam.  I have a connoisseur’s taste bud for the most evil spam imaginable.  Penis pills and breast enhancement juice?  Let me read all about how it only works on specific body types.

The spam I’ve received on here is remarkable.  I’ve gone to the point of accepting ALL of it.  Every last one.  Some don’t make sense, saying ridiculous things such as “Please wedding my Kristen Stewart’s wedding dress.”  You can’t quote gold mines like this if you were Shakespeare’s drunken ass himself.

If you’re bored, take a flip back through a few older post and see the brilliance I can only hope to one day achieve.  It’s priceless.

Well, if you like spam, anyway.

Time to watch some Monty Python and see the Vikings singing the Spam song.  (Linky here.  It’s youtube.)

BTW, anyone else annoyed with the big-boobed latino lady from Modern Family yet?  The Pepsi commercial alone gives me gas.



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