Two things. Kinda.

Well, three, but the first one doesn’t count:

1) I have 15 minutes to write this and there’s a very loud meeting three feet from my face.  The walls are made of cloth, people.  I can hear you and don’t like what you’re saying about “support” from India.  I happen to know a few techs in India and they’re great guys and girls.  I can’t understand half of what they’re saying but that’s due to my inability in learning the accent.  I can say the more I talk with them, the more I understand.  Just like my friend Youssef who is from Lebanon; he has a thick accent but one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.  So piss off, senior executives and ass-kissing lackies.

2) This blog is mostly about me complaining.  See above.  I’d like to know how I suddenly got 3,147 “Likes,” “comments” and whatever “talk backs” are over the course of three days when I don’t have 100 comments TOTAL.  I understand no one reads this and no one gives a shit what I say and I’m fine with that.  When I get a flood of strange comments such as “Your writing inspired me to buy something online” and I go look at the post they’re commenting on, since there is a few posts and I don’t remember …hell, any of them, and the post has nothing to do with buying anything, it’s just me complaining, I wonder what’s up.  So, I think I either got hit with a spam bot over the weekend which did little except give me something to write about and made it easy for me to delete a shload (that’s the hyphenated word for “shit-load.”  My 8-year-old son told me that one.  Can’t say I was or wasn’t proud…it’s not like he wasn’t swearing….) of mail all at once.

3)  I hate waiting for money to arrive.  I’m supposed to get my student loan money so I can pick up a new MacBook Pro and pay rent and child support and still – nothing.  Just aggravating.

Okay, I’ll stop complaining and go search for a funny picture to associate with this blog within the next four minutes.



One thought on “Two things. Kinda.

  1. Wow….I really should have eaten lunch with you today. It was definitely your turn to rant and mine to listen. Feel better now?

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