How to turn your blog into a book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about make a book out of THIS blog.  No one without heavy medication would read this shit and I’m surprised most of you who admit to reading this aren’t institutionalized.

Speaking of which, if you do become institutionalized, let me know where.  I’m looking for a good vacation spot.

I had to write something because I’ve written my adult book for a few days and needed a break from finding new ways to say “the penis did X” or “she took off her clothes and did Y” and my brain needs a Z.

Also, I wanted to find a way to take all the blogs I’ve written over the years and archive them.  In the same tone, I wanted a way to print out my depression blogs and give them to the psychologist before she puts me in an institution.  See above for the vacation I was referring to earlier.

I came across a site called “” which takes an exported WordPress blog (tools -> export) and turns it into a PDF.  Depending on the content and the amount of data stored on the site, this may take some time.  My depression blog only took about a minute since there’s only around 40 entries.  This one may take more time to process.

Since I wasn’t sure if anyone else knew of this, I decided to post it here and let everyone know they could take their site and dump it into a PDF.  You’re welcome for the useless information.

That’s really it.  Contact me if you want to chat, I’m kind of bored.

I guess I’ll go back to writing smut.




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