Microsoft, WTF-TV?

I read a story today about Microsoft putting in a bid to buy a small unknown company called “Perceptive Pixel.”  This may not mean much to the generic geek, however I believe Microsoft has officially lost their freaking minds.

Perceptive Pixel is a company known for making gigantic screens, specifically touch screens.

I’ll wait while you put the two together.

Go ahead, I’m still here.

If you haven’t gotten the gist of it by now, Microsoft is about to release another pile of shit operating system on the masses with Windows 8.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for working releasing of great operating systems, however look at Microsoft’s track record:

  • Windows 95: Crap.
  • Windows 98: Great
  • Windows ME: Crap.
  • Windows 2000: Great
  • Windows CE: Crap
  • Windows XP: Great
  • Windows Vista: Crap
  • Windows 7: Great
  • Windows 8: Sucks on Desktops-Notebooks (Beta anyway)

The track record speaks for itself.  Windows 8 is nothing more than a building block to work the bugs out of the next better operating system.  Every other OS Microsoft releases drips with a gooey sticky residue which leaves a bad taste in your mouth normally associated with garbage from the state fair.  Microsoft fixes the garbage and releases a great OS.  Windows 7 is the pinnacle in the Windows lineup, although XP was damn good as well.  Vista, on the other hand, we could have lived without and most people would rather die than go through that nonsense again.

My thought is this: Windows 8 is focusing on touch-screen abilities which removes all desktop and laptop computers except for a small fraction of gems like the Panasonic Tough-book and the Dell Ballistic XFR models.  The other computers are tablets and phones.  Will Windows 8 work on tablets and phones?  No one knows for certain since the beta everyone got to play with a few months ago only installed on desktops and laptops.

With Microsoft buying Perceptive Pixels, the idea on many educated minds is the difference between your little 10″ iPad to a 40+” television screen – similar to the ideas floating around for Apple TV – with a Microsoft twist and flavor mixed into the guts of the television.  So expect XBox Live integration and the superb powers of BING! telling you what you don’t want to know about things you never looked for to begin with.

I can see it now:

“Hey Chris, can you help me with my new TV?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I went to watch an episode of True Blood I DVR’d last night and I’m getting a blue screen saying something about a system dump.”

“Yeah, it’s common.  Unplug it and plug it back in, it should clear up when it reboots.”

“Okay, I’ll give that a shot.”

Or:  In the immortal words of Roy from the I.T. Crowd: “Have you turned it off and on again?”



9 thoughts on “Microsoft, WTF-TV?

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