If you’re bi-polar and you know it laugh and cry.

Hey guys, it’s been awhile.

I’m trying to think of something to complain about…and I can’t.

I know.  Write this day on the calendar.  From here on we shall call the 18th of June the “Not a shit was given day!”

Other than that, I haven’t done much else except repair computers, try not to smoke, try not to kill anyone by controlling my urge to strange the stupid out of people and keep writing down ideas for more books.

What’s funny is my evernote file on ideas for books is long enough to write a book about – hey…

I just thought of one, so I’ll share it: (Not the stupid idea above, are you kidding?  It would read like if you fast forwarded all the Saturday Night Live episodes from the 70’s until now, but, you know really funny instead of, well, Saturday Night Live.)

I suffer (enjoy: same thing) from Bi-Polar II disorder which is more of a manic/depression brain switch throughout the day.  If anyone ever spent a prolonged time period with me, you’d know I change moods and sometimes personalities multiple times throughout the day which is common with my condition.  It drives everyone except me bat-shit insane.  Maybe because I already am bat-shit insane.  Think of ADD + OCD and add a basketball team of white guys who can no longer shoot free throws and welcome to my brain.

But I digress;

What about a murder-mystery story about a multiple-personality bi-Polar guy who is trying to find himself after one of his other personalities committed some crimes.

I know…Committed is the right word.  Or the title of the book…


-me, the other me.


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