Making sense of language.

First off, I apologize for the strange post at the top of the page for the past week. In wordpress’s infinite wisdom, they decided to update the software and put a new checkbox stating “stick to front page” which means diddly squat to anyone except forum moderators who want to have the most important posts listed first.

Think of it as something along the lines as a “read me first” message.

My problem with this is of course the implementation without any definition.

Software developers: please remember you are writing software for people who are human and can’t read your minds.

But that’s been the problem with technology all along since the earlier personal computers. Scientists and developers create breathtaking instruments of wonder and ingenuity however they are shit at naming things.

For example, a very good friend of mine has a one year old laptop and wanted to know if it could do a job that a computer 10 years old could perform. The terminology is cryptic and needs to change.

Think about this: those little plastic 3 1/2 disks people called “hard disks” were actually floppy disks. The Hard Drives which store the data is commonly confused with memory which allows said data to run.

It’s maddening to someone who isn’t into technology.

What’s the difference between a laptop and a notebook computer? Nothing. A desktop computer is usually a large box connected to all your peripherals such as monitor and keyboard, but a desktop is also the place on your screen where your icons cover bits of your wallpaper.

No wonder people hate technology so much when we communicate with text messaging which removes letters from normal words and abbreviates or acronyms the rest.

Honestly, if aliens came down and tried to learn our technology, they would kidnap anyone in charge of naming things and shoot them at the moon.

We need to make things more simple, more easier to use and more obvious. Why the hell do we call the little thing that moves a cursor around the screen a “mouse?”

Of course, I’m writing this on a phone called blackberry with a qwerty keyboard while I should be doing something more productive than bitching about names, but I felt someone needed to say something.

And wordpress, instead of “stick this” buttons, how about “add picture” or something useful to a person blogging.

I worry about naming an imaginary device something intelligent when in reality I should see what pops up in today’s alphabet frickin soup instead.



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