Creative Types and Patience.

My son is heavy into the Titanic. He reads books on it, built a model, constantly talks about it and so on. I thought it would be nice to paint a large mural on his wall in an art-deco style graphic of the Titanic and an iceburg.

He has asked me a question about who what where and why every 10 seconds to the point where I’m at my wits end.

I remember back in school – art class actually, if someone was looking over my shoulder I couldn’t work. Why is that? Is that just me? Am I so …I don’t know the word for it, but I get so damn aggravated when someone is constantly trying to talk to me while I’m doing something creative. It literally drives me mad.

I would rather be by myself working on a project than have a constant voice in my ear bugging me and telling me things and asking questions.

I love the boy to pieces, just let me do the painting and ask questions later, please.

Is that so wrong?


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