Cursing. Gotta do it.

I believe I’m going to start cursing in my writing more.  Granted, if you’ve read anything other than my kids’ books, you already know I swear from specific points-of-view.  I’m more worried about younger people seeing words they don’t understand and not learning proper connotation for the definition of the unknown words.

I’m going to say this here and now, so listen to me twice and read this once: the words themselves mean didly squat – it’s the inflection of the context which makes specific words “bad.”  In the immortal words of George Carlin: “There are no bad words, only bad thoughts.  The words are fine in and of themselves, it’s how you use them which makes them wrong.”  The words are fine; the people are screwed.

I’m going to write a list of “bad” or “naughty” words and try to define them properly for those who may not know the real definition of the terminology.  Curse words and swearing in general has been around since the earliest forms of written communication and many “curse” words have been found in Shakespeare and the King James edition of the Bible – although many of the curse words they used are no longer used or believed dirty with other forms of vulgar language.  The following is a rudimentary list of “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television:”

Shit: Noun meaning physical excrement of waste (I stepped in shit.)  Verb meaning the act itself (I’m shitting.)  Generic Noun (Hey, don’t touch that shit.)  To show surprise (Holy shit!  Look at that there!)  In trouble (We’re in deep shit, now.)  Displeasure: (This song sounds like shit.)  In a positive light (Your mom’s cooking is the shit!)

Piss: Considered a more vulgar term for relieving one’s bladder.  “Peeing” is synonymous with “Pissing.”  The most common usage is the verb tense “to piss,” although it can also be used as a noun: “This beer tastes like Piss.”

Fuck: The “Big Daddy” of all curse words.  It can be used in any situation and in any sentence ever created.  The amount of uses for fuck, fucked or fucking is too many to count or list here.  Literally, the word fuck is used in a way to show sexual copulation, however many people who use the word rarely uses it for the standard intended use.

Cunt: Considered the most vulgar word in the world in the year 2000 by Hargraves Institute.  I rarely use the word, however there are people who do.  (I’m purposely ignoring the Irish jokes…)  The word “Cunt” itself refers to the female sexual reproductive organs and can be related to either male or female target.

Cocksucker:  A combination word which is a new-age sexual suggestion more than an actual insult, however the act itself was at one time considered a taboo item for popular public speaking.  Cock itself refers to male genitalia while sucker is telling someone what to do.  A cocksucker in the most literal term would be anyone who have performed oral sex on a man.  Rarely is the word used for the literal term.

Motherfucker: This word roughly is defined as “one who has sex with a mother.”  Rarely is the term used for this act, instead, the term is used for someone in a negative or derivative light.  This is one curse word with the blessing of being invented by Americans and not typically used to refer to a female.

Tits: Literally: breasts.  Today, “tits” is used more along the lines as something really great happening such as “this concert is tits!” or “this cheeseburger is tits!”  Tits is no longer considered extremely offensive as George Carlin stated back in the late 1970’s: “Tits is more of a cutesy word or a nickname than an actual swear word.” Today, Tits is used in many areas synonymous with breasts.

I know there’s more, however I don’t think I’m going to define every curse word ever made.  That would be stupid.  Besides, I like leaving on “tits.”



P.S.  After proofreading this piece of shit, I realized there’s way too many passive voice errors.  So fuck it.  I’m posting it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Cursing. Gotta do it.

  1. While cursing usually turns me off from a story/post, I found what you wrote quite amusing. Breaking curse words like that is.. interesting to say the least!

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