Sick and Tired.

I’ve been sick the past few weeks with walking pneumonia.  Add in the bout of depression where everything was a downward spiral of angst into a tunneling black hole and the two cases of happiness didn’t help with my productivity.

I haven’t done jack.  Not that he’d want me to, of course, but I haven’t gotten much work done either.

I’ve helped a good friend of mine out with some of her college papers and trying to get all the paperwork for college taken care of so I can go to school and learn how to properly do things instead of the way I do them.  I plan on shooting for a Bachelors of Computer Science and minor in something complimentary to CS.

I also want to get a MacBook Pro for school, and I’m torn between the different models, sizes, blah and keep going back and forth between them all.  I want it to bootcamp Windows 7 and OS X, so I know my only option is a MBP, but at the same time it must be powerful enough to play Diablo 3, Warcraft and whatever else I can cram down it’s throat.

As for writing, I have a good idea for a story about Robin Hood told from Prince John’s point of view – if Prince John was gay…  It sounds interesting, but the few people I’ve pitched the story to kept trying to chew through the restraints.

I’m going to OD on allergy meds and try to get back to sleep, I wanted to write something down and start jotting stuff again like I do on twitter, so follow me or ask me to move my ass again.




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