Ideas of Insanity.

Its strange where I am or what I’m doing when an idea or thought about a project pops into my head. It’s usually when I’m not thinking about anything and doing something boring when the thought strikes as interesting enough to write down.

Some thoughts are dumb, lame or stupid and I can pass it off as a strange thought and go about my day. Others intrigue me enough to try to find a way to remember the premise and then get off my ass to write it down. Meetings and waiting for food to cook are great for these types of plots.

Others pop into my head for no reason at all. As with the previous circumstances, I have to convince myself its something worth saving and attempt to make sense of the scene to put into words. Ideas never come out as direct text or understandable thoughts, only snippets of something which might be interesting later.

Evernote is good for this mental issue of mine. Some might call it creative brainstorming, while I call it “shit jumps in my head for no reason – and most of it sucks.”. After I forget about the idea, I can always go back into evernote and look through the dumb ideas such as:

“A woman who dresses like a hooker in daylight goes around changing burned-out light bulbs. When someone approaches her for hooker services, she shoves dead light bulbs into their mouth until they die, and she steals their money to buy more light bulbs.”

Not too much I can do with that since it seems too lame for even me to write about.



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